4th time is a charm right?

Just as the title says I started my fourth round of Clomid May 22nd. We were originally going to do the trigger shot and an IUI this cycle but decided at the last minute we weren’t ready to take that route. So here we are now and I just started my dreaded two week wait today. BLAH 🙂

I am trying to stay very positive and hopeful this round. Although I did ovulate on the 50mg of Clomid the past 3 rounds I am hoping that this new dose of 100mg will be just enough to give me the boost I need to get pregnant.

I have to say the hardest thing about all of this wouldn’t be the fact of constantly being let down at the site of the that horrible AF. While that is a terrible feeling, I personally think the feeling of letting my husband down is an even worse feeling. He has been so involved in all of this (not just in the bedroom lol) from making sure I was ok, to staying informed on how my appointments go. He has been amazing during this past year of TTC,  I don’t think I would have been ok without him.

What is the hardest thing about TTC for you and your significant other?

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