Really? You can’t make dinner?

So today my husband and I came home after work, the first thing we talked about is who is making dinner tonight. This is a constant battle between the two of us and some times the arguments get rather hilarious. Tonight was one of those nights. πŸ˜€

I asked D (my husband) what he was going to BBQ for dinner, the look on his face was priceless. He started saying how he wasn’t going to make anything because the BBQ was for the weekend. I then asked him what he would be making for dinner then since I made dinner last night. Thats when he became a pain in my ass lol. He pulled out a frozen dinner(we eat those when we are REALLY lazy) and said that this was what he would be making. You have got to be kidding me! Such a lazy ass and always taking the easy way out. He hands me the frozen dinner and tells me I better heat the oven unless I want this dinner to be the one dinner he does make this week. What kind of BS is that? lol

My dork of a husband then proceeds to walk over to the oven and turns it on. While having his hands over the oven (like he is some magical being) he tells me how I need to shush that what he was doing takes a lot of work and concentration. Where the heck does he come up with things like this? I swear he is a fricken nut ball!

As I read him this post he tells me he doesn’t want to be called D, instead he wants to be called Captain America. I have no excuses for this man……


There is NEVER a dull moment with my husband, to say the least.

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