Taking a much needed break :D

 Well, the 4th round of Clomid failed us. I wasn’t hoping for too much seeing as how we have had three other failed attempts and this one wasn’t feeling any different. My husband and I decided that it is time for a break….well I decided. I want to focus on me and getting my PCOS under control which is honestly where I should have started when I found out I had PCOS September of last year. I am going to be trying a more natural way of promoting ovulation as well as helping with the side effects I have because of PCOS (acne, anxiety, the un ability to lose more weight, etc). I start taking Vitex and Maca Root this cycle to see how that works with my body. 🙂

This has been the longest and one of the most trying years we have been through. As weird as it sounds I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. My husband and I have become much closer, I talk to him more and he listens much better (especially for a man 😛 ) I think now it is time to work on myself, like I said before, and on our relationship. The both of us are only 23 so time is on our side. Until then we have started making plans to go on vacations and do some of the actives we enjoy doing, like camping, dirt bike riding, shooting, Disney Land, etc.

The two of us want to be parents so bad that we were trying very hard to achieve that. That want hasn’t changed at all, but it isn’t going to be our main focus for now. If it happens it happens. 😀

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