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After reading a question on Baby center about a psychic reading someone did, I decided I wanted to try it. Why not, it was a fun thing to do and actually makes the TTC aspect even more fun. Is she going to be right or will she be wrong, only the next few months will tell. 🙂

So the way this particular reading worked was I started off by paying for the reading (only $6.00, I’ll take it. ) Then you get an email from her asking for your name, date of birth, and if you have had any previous births or losses. She also asks that you send her a picture of you and your significant other. In this email she gives you the date of your reading, mine happened to be June 23rd.

Rather than posting the entire email (4 nice paragraphs) I am going to summarize it.  She starts off explaining who she is and how she works in the first paragraph.

The next paragraph was about my aura, which is mainly brown. People who have brown are usually generous, down to earth, calm, organized and inquisitive. It symbolizes kindness and a gentle heart. You like to explore new concepts, ideas and enjoy being in nature or out doors. I like to think I have all of these traits, minus the organized trait. I am not as organized as I should be, especially being Virgo lol. I am definitely the type of girl who loves to be outdoors. I would rather go fishing, camping, or ride my dirt bike any day of the week over sitting at home watching T.V.

The third paragraph is the one that is about the TTC journey and what she sees. On mine she was being shown the month of July as being significant. This can indicate the cycle of conception, when you find out, or the birth timing. Which all three of these could be true. I could conceive in July and could actually find out the same month. It could also be a birth month which would put me at conceiving in October I believe. Next she see’s the number 6 which can be when I will ovulate, find out I am pregnant or it can be the number of cycles before I would get pregnant. Out of these three the only one that could be remotely possible for this month would be the first option. The second option would be possible if I conceive in October. However the third option can’t be true unless she is saying from the time I had my reading, seeing as I am already on my 13th cycle of TTC.  Lastly and quite honestly my favorite part is that she sees a baby wrapped in blue. I don’t think it is the gender so much that I am excited about, just the fact of her seeing a gender (boy or girl)

The last paragraph she gives you the ending and a little information if you would like another reading. 🙂 She also states in her third paragraph that what she sees can be altered by loss, this is something she can’t see, unfortunately.  I will be sure to give an update as soon as I can. 🙂

Do I believe in this? I am not sure. I am not a skeptical when it comes to things like this. However it is always in the back of my mind questioning if this person is the real deal or not. 🙂

If you would like to have your own reading done I will include the link of the person I used.

Eternity Tarot Readings

Do you believe in things like this?

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