Letting people see the real me

For the last month and half I have been debating if I wanted to show my family and friends the blog and social media sites that follow our fertility journey. It was much easier only allowing people I didn’t really know to see the stuff we went through. It was easier not worrying about what my friends and family would think of me and what I had to say. I had to remind myself that I didn’t create this blog only to help other women know that they weren’t alone in the infertility journey. I wrote this blog to let my family and friends see what was really going on when it came to us wanting to start our family. I want to allow them to see the things I didn’t want to blast all over my facebook page to people who didn’t need to know or didn’t care to know.

So here we are. I have invited the people I think want to know what is going on or those who have asked questions. This way I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Welcome to all my friends and family!!! Here’s the real me. 🙂


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2 Responses to Letting people see the real me

  1. Gene says:

    Which wp theme are you using on your website? Is it from these guys by any chance: http://www.nuttythemes.com

  2. ML says:

    I am honestly not sure who it is by but the theme is called Twenty Ten. It has been my all time favorite layout so far. 🙂

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