What’s next?

 So that last week has been an interesting one to say the least. After being late for AF we started to get excited that maybe this had been our month. No such luck. 🙁 Since I started taking Maca Root and Vitex my Luteal Phase lengthened which caused me to be “late”. While it sucks that we didn’t get pregnant this cycle it is an amazing feeling that my body is starting to do what it needs to and actually a little better than it was when I was on Clomid. Before, my Luteal Phase was just barely long enough to allow me to sustain a pregnancy(10-11 days), now that hopefully wont be another problem I have to add to my list. 🙂

We scheduled an appointment on Wednesday to go see a fertility specialist. I wanted to have more tests done that my OBGYN never did. Such as testing to make sure I am not insulin resistant which is common in 50-70% of women who have PCOS. I also wanted to have my husband to get tested just to make sure that I was the only reason we have yet to get pregnant. I think the only other appointment I have been this excited about was when I had my first ultrasound to check my follicles and make sure I was ovulating. The receptionist I spoke with was extremely nice, the nurse I had to talk to was such a sweetheart and everything I read about when it comes to this facility is amazing!

So on Wednesday we have our consultation to get an idea what exactly we need to do. What tests need to be done and when we can start that! Hopefully we can get started with everything ASAP!

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