I have a REALLY good feeling!

So like I said last post I had a consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist on 8/12. My husband and I got a very good feeling about this doctor. When we walked into his office before anything was said he gave us his cellphone number. He told us that if we had ANY questions to please feel free to call him. How many doctors have you been to and they give you their personal phone number?

We talked about what he wanted us to do. We will be doing the semen analysis for D. Along with TONS of diagnostics tests for myself. Yay for blood draws, good thing I enjoy needles, yes I am weird. 🙂 We will also be doing an HSG to make sure my tubes aren’t blocked or anything wrong with my uterus. HSG or Hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray test that looks inside at a woman’s reproductive system. They insert a dye with a catheter through the cervix and into the uterus. With this dye they can see if the fluid passes through the tubes fine or if something blocks it. They can also see if there is any scar tissue or any other issues. (Sounds amazing right?) OHHH and I get to the lovely 3 hour glucose test that most women don’t even have to do until they are 24 to 28 weeks pregnant. 😀

All in all the consultation went really good. He was very honest with us, answered all of our questions and even got personal with us. Their facebook is always saying how their patients aren’t a number and I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t feel like we were just another patient they were trying to get money from. I felt like the doctors here actually care about those who walk through those doors.

He even told D (because he is getting a degree in nursing) if he had any questions to use the number he gave us and call him. He would love to help D figure out what field he wants to be in and help answer his questions. 🙂

As of today we are waiting to hear the results of D’s semen analysis although that was only done yesterday, so we have a while until we hear something. We are also waiting to hear back on the blood results from my first set of blood work and D’s only set. I am excited to get some kind of information back. Whether they tell us everything is great or not, it will be nice to know more about what is going on than we already do. 🙂



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2 Responses to I have a REALLY good feeling!

  1. Monica says:

    I had the HSG done it a little awkward there is a pinching and cramping feeling when they do it. The radiologist showed me right then and there my results. Super excited for you guys

  2. ML says:

    That’s what I have read. I am not going to lie I am a little nervous about the procedure, but even more so for the results. 🙂 I appreciate that! I hope you and your husband are doing good with your journey!

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