I’m slacking…..here’s a little update

Oh man I am doing a terrible job with posting on my blog. In my defense school recently started up and I had this bright idea to take a class that was only four weeks long, but extremely fast paced! That class ended last week and I started to write this blog, unfortunately I never finished it before I went on a business trip. ūüôā So here I am a little over a week after I started this blog post, with the determination to¬†finish this tonight!

I will link descriptions to everything if you would like to look more into how a certain hormone plays a role in the fertility journey.

So here we are a month and twenty days since my last update on our TTC journey. I had test after test done this past month, it felt as though the constant blood bath (drawing blood) would never end! After all was said and (finally) done, on Monday 9/14 we had some good information but absolutely no answers as to why I could not get pregnant.

On August 3rd I had 11 test ran and on August 25th I had 3, equaling a great deal of blood leaving my body! We took a look at the following:

Luteinizing Hormone – Normal

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) – Normal

Prolactin – Normal

DHEA Sulfate – Normal

Testosterone Free – Normal

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) – Normal

Anti-Mullerian Hormone – High (I will talk more about this one later!)

Estradiol – Normal

Follicle Stim Hormone (FSH) РNormal

Androstenedione – Normal

Protein C Activity – Normal

Protein S Activity – Normal

Two of the tests we did were to make sure that the hormones that could cause a blood clot were normal. We wanted to be sure that blood clots were not something we had to be worried about since it is something that terrifies me, thankfully it is not.

On September 1st I had my HSG completed. This procedure was painful to be completely honest, but for me what made it worse, was the fact that I couldn’t move. The only time I was allowed to move was when they needed to get a picture from a different angle, otherwise I had to stay perfectly still. ūüôĀ This test also came back normal. YAY

D had it easy when it came to the tests he had to have done! His semen analysis came back excellent, which was a huge¬†relief knowing¬†that we didn’t have two infertility issues playing against us.

I mentioned how I would be talking more about the Anti-Mullerian Hormone, here it is!¬†My numbers for this particular hormone were relatively high,¬†this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the high numbers are a result of the Polycystic ovaries. . With these numbers being high like they are¬†I have PLENTY of eggs in my reserve so I don’t have to worry about not having any left any time soon. With these numbers being high the doctors did say they were worried about me responding VERY well to the injectables. If we choose to go with IUI and I respond too well there is a chance I will have to cancel that procedure and I am not ready to lose out on that kind of money just yet, so one of the nurses thinks that my best bet would be IVF because they can control every little thing. Although this could become a big issue I am not ready to jump to the most expensive and last resort procedure just yet. I think I will be giving the doctor a call tomorrow to see if we can do a round of injectables without the IUI or IVF.

So where do we go from here? Honestly we’re not sure yet. I think we will be¬†making our decision after I speak with our doctor about the fertility medication and starting Provera.¬†I am on cycle day 36¬†and AF is nowhere in sight with negative pregnancy tests. I will hopefully have another update at the end of the week with what we choose to do. ūüôā


 Just a little bit of humor!

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