Even miracles take a little time <3

Not much has happened in the last two weeks since the last update. Other than the fact that we did decide what our next step is going to be. šŸ™‚

For the month of October we wont be trying at all. Instead my doctor hasĀ me on birth control to help my ovaries rest, they have a big job to do in November! At our very first appointment our doctor had told us that I would no longer be on Clomid, heĀ disliked that medication. For that reason, if we chose to move along with the next step, I would be put on injectables. After a long talk with my husband, one that is quite honestly an every day thing STILL, weĀ determined we did in fact want to move on to the next step for us.

I don’t have much information as of right about what the cycle in November will encompass. Hopefully, we will be getting an email from the nurse here very soon with more information!

This really wasn’t an informative post, but I did want to jot down where we currently are. My goal from here on out is to publish at least one blog post every Sunday, any more than that is a plus!


Who would have thought Cinderella would be where I would find a quote that fits PERFECTLY!

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