Body Shots…..A whole new meaning

This whole posting something new every Sunday is HARD. ūüôā It isn’t that I have nothing to say, I just cant find the time to sit down and write! D is taking a test right now so I figured since I cant turn on anything that may distract him¬†I need to take the time to write this update! So on the previous update I talked about where we are at the moment and what November has in store for us. If you haven’t read that update you can check it out HERE.

Our next step came much quicker then I had anticipated, on Friday I started giving myself a shot called Lupron. This shot overstimulates certain hormones within my body resulting in others shutting down. Lupron acts much like birth control does, it keeps my body from creating an egg and then ovulating.

I am not going to lie, the week before I started my shots I was freaking out. I tend to work myself up¬†and make things seem as though they are going to¬†be worse then they are. That was exactly¬†what I did¬†before I¬†gave myself the first shot. After that first one I was quite shocked! It¬†didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, which was an incredibly nice surprise,¬†to say the least! I will continue this shot until ¬†October 29th, where I will then add in the stimulating hormones. From October 29th until¬†at least November 2nd I will continue these shots. November 3rd is when we will find out if I continue the shots for a little longer or if I am ready to give myself the HCG or trigger shot. However, in order to¬†do the trigger shot I need a few eggs that are of a good size and¬†nicely matured. If they aren’t¬†then I have¬†to do the shots a little longer, otherwise I wont have a viable¬†egg to get pregnant with. ¬†Once we get the go ahead D will give me the trigger shot, after that is done I will ovulate within 24-36 hours, giving us enough planning time.

I am really asking for any prayers I can get and for you to keep us in your thoughts. It is constantly in the back of my mind that this isn’t going to work, and that absolutely terrifies me. I mean how can it not when you¬†have been¬†constantly let down month after month for the last year and half.

I will be trying my hardest to write another post this Sunday. October has been an extremely busy, but exciting month for us.


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