And So The Adventure Begins


Since I last posted I had just started Lupron, here we are 2 weeks after the very first shot! On Wednesday I went in to see my RE. I had blood drawn to get my base levels for  my Estradiol, as well as get an ultrasound. During the ultrasound my doctor made sure that I had no cysts on my ovaries and made sure my lining was exactly as thin as it should be. Everything came back normal and I was given the go ahead to continue as planned.

 Today I started the shots that will stimulate my ovaries, Menopur and Follistim. After researching the drugs for HOURS the last few days, I had worked myself up a lot. I wasn’t worried to much for the Follistim, the Menopur however had me terrified. I couldn’t find one blog, article, or chat that had anything positive about this drug. Boy was everything I read right! Before I go any further I have to say I am not the type of person who is phased by shots, I don’t cry, I don’t freak out, and in fact I enjoy them (except when I have to give it to myself for the first time). With that being said, the shot of Menopur hurt like a Bitch!! First you have the needle and that in itself hurts!! The gauge of that needle is much larger than the others I have done thus far and I was NOT ready for that at all. After the ultimate shock of the large ass needle, I now had another shock which was the solution. I am not sure what it was about this particular shot, I don’t know if the solution is thicker or what but, boy did that hurt when my husband injected it! As if I wasn’t already over the shots I have had to do for the last two weeks, I am really ready for these next few days to be over. I give it up to the women who have to do these shots longer than I do or the ones that have had to do multiple rounds. These shots are no joke!

I have my next ultrasound and blood work on Monday where we will see what our next step is. I am PRAYING that on Monday I have multiple follicles that are of good size. If there are, we will be given the go ahead to trigger.

Tonight I mentioned how my husband had given me my shots. I have never been more thankful for him in the last year and a half of trying as I was tonight! He talked me through  the entire shot and kept me relatively calm while he was injecting the medication. The fact that he kept me calm like he did is amazing, seeing as I was already worked up from what I read and the needle going in. 🙂  I can honestly say I do not know what I would do without my husband, he is my rock!

HEHE I just read my Husband what I wrote like I do every post. His response to my little paragraph about him was to quit being a brown-noser……UMM I actually meant what I wrote! DORK

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