A quick update!

Nothing much has happened this last week. The only new thing is that I was started on progesterone pills 4 days after the trigger shot. Basically if I were to get pregnant the progesterone would help support viable pregnancy if my body is unable to make enough progesterone on it’s own.

I am able to take a test at any time. We are debating if we want to test this week or if we will wait until after thanksgiving. I cant keep a secret to save my life! Especially one this big and one that everyone is so excited for! So basically we want to wait until after thanksgiving because if it is negative I don’t want to have to tell everyone on a holiday when we are all together. If it is positive I don’t want to know because I have a way I want to tell my family and if I know on thanksgiving when people are bound to ask, I’ll tell!

On another note, I am terrified for the end of the week. Everyone has been VERY involved in this cycle and I have loved every minute of. I love that my family and friends have been so supportive! At the same time that has made it extremely difficult because I don’t want to let anyone down.


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