Hold. On. Pain. Ends

“There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you.”

I love the title for this blog. I think it fits everything that is currently going on in our TTC journey. I have to remember to hold on because the pain will end. No matter how much I think it won’t, I have to know that it will.

Last week was the one week I had been dreading more than anything during the last month or so.  I went to my doctors office where they did a blood test, only to find out what I knew all along…. The cycle didn’t work and I wasn’t pregnant! When we first found out I wont lie I cried, I cried before I was even off the phone with the nurse. I was hurt, although I wasn’t hopeful to begin with it didn’t lessen the pain that was there during that phone call.

Here we are a week and a half later and I am much better. Actually I am better than I have been in a few months! I am not sure what it was about this last cycle but I am OK with how things are going or not going I guess you could say. Right now we have a lot going on so for the next two months that our baby making plans are being put on the back burner. With  Christmas coming up and then New Years we decided that December would be the perfect time to take a little break. Also since we will be taking a much needed vacation from the real world in January we will not be doing a medicated cycle that month either.

As of right now we are thinking that come February we will be ready to jump into another cycle. When we choose to start the next cycle we will be nixing the Lupron in hopes that I will stimulate a little more and have a better chance then this last cycle. We also got some pretty great news! Our insurance will cover up to 6 cycles of IUI, where as our previous insurance wouldn’t cover it at all. So the next cycle we will be doing that procedure as well.

I am hoping that with school ending next week I will have more time to post new blogs. Since we wont be doing any medicated cycles I will have to find other things to write about, which for me should be easy but surprisingly it’s not. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to taking them!

I also want to thank those that have been reading this blog. I have had a few friends and family members who have mentioned something that they read in one of my posts. I appreciate it and I love when you mention something! It makes me very happy!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and blessed thanksgiving!


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