Christmas Miracle <3

For the last week I have been trying so hard to figure out what I would write for the next blog, without TTC I have lost quite a few topics to talk about. Last night while D and I were working out I got a phone call that made my night, if not more.

Before I go on I do have to say this is not baby related. It isn’t even our Christmas Miracle, but one that we had a part in giving to someone else.

D and I live on a pretty busy street within our city, unfortunately it is also a street where you see a great deal of dogs roaming.  On 12/2/15 my husband and I were on our way to work just like every morning. However while waiting for the light to change I pointed out a dog that was walking down the street. Right then I knew that this was about to go horribly wrong for this dog, and I couldn’t watch. As I turned my head I heard this god awful thud, looked at my husband who then confirmed that the dog had just been hit. Without a second thought, or even making sure a car wasn’t coming up beside us, I opened my door and took off for the dog. When I got to him you could see the confusion in his face, and how terrified he was. I stood there petting him telling him everything would be ok as I waited for my husband to get to us. My husband picked up the dog as carefully as he possibly could and laid him in our car. Thankfully we had a blanket that we were able to wrap him up in.

We live in the middle of two vets, one of which we found out that morning does not open early or have an emergency tech. The other vet however had opened 15 minutes prior to the dog being hit, so we rushed him to that vet’s office. My husband carried him into the back and told the vet tech of the injuries he was able to feel so that they had a place to start. I was told that the Vet would be unable to call me to give me an update on the dog because it was someone’s pet, from there on out I had to pray that the owner called me.

About three hours later I received a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was the lady who owned the dog!! The minute she started talking we were both CRYING. I was happy to hear that he was alive although his prognosis wasn’t good. He had suffered a broken leg, pelvis, and a concussion that caused his pupil to blow. I have never prayed as hard or thought that much about someone else’s pet as I had the next few days.

On Sunday we were talking about the dog and we wondered how he was doing. I had even expressed how I was going to call the lady in a few days to see what was going on and how he was doing. However my phone call was not needed, yesterday in the middle of our workout I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was the dogs owner, with some amazing news! The dog survived, he went through multiple surgeries but he is doing amazing. She said he is back to his old chipper self and it seems as though he doesn’t realize he was ever even hit.

This may not be the Christmas Miracle D and I have been wanting all year but it is a Christmas Miracle I am glad happened.  I have never heard someone who was so thankful for some thing another person did for them as I did during both of the phone calls I received. It was her Christmas Miracle and I am so glad we got to par-take in giving her that, given the circumstances.


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