Even our darkest days can present the biggest miracles!

I know it has been a long time since I have written anything on here. 🙁 We have had sooo much happen in the last 5 months! The last post I mentioned that we would be starting our second round of shots and adding in the IUI. If you haven’t read that post you can read that here. Let’s start with the beginning of that cycle, shall we?

The beginning of February we started on the shots, if you remember we were only doing Follistim this cycle. After 10 days of the shots we went in for our appointment where we found out we had a few follicles that were ready for the trigger shot. That night, February 17th, we did the most lovely shot out of all of them…yea right. Two days later we went in for my IUI. I knew going in that the IUI was going to be uncomfortable but I didn’t think it would hurt nearly as bad or be as fast as it was. The day we did our IUI was a very significant day for my family. February 19th is the anniversary of my cousins passing. We didn’t realize it at first that the day my IUI was on was this specific day. When we realized it we all started to think that this was all part of the plan. My families darkest day could very well become the day we were presented with an amazing miracle. The next two weeks were going to drag by!

On Mar 2nd I went in for a blood test to find out if this cycle was a bust or not. After the cycle in December I was terrified and fully expecting to hear I wasn’t pregnant. Later that day I received the news from my nurse I never thought I was going to ever receive. This cycle worked and we were in fact pregnant!!


We decided we would limit who we would share our news with until the second trimester. That was a very hard secret to keep, especially when it is something you want to scream at the top of your lungs. Personally I was terrified of telling everyone and them being excited for us, only to have to share that something happened to our peanut. I don’t know that I could have handled seeing the disappointment on my friends and families faces. I finally hit the second trimester and the day we did we announced to our families and then on Facebook.


I am now 20 weeks pregnant and everything has been going perfectly! We even know what we are having, but that will be for next weeks blog post. Now that our pregnancy is known by everyone I will be trying to write a post and have it up for you guys every Sunday.

We are so excited for our baby and we are so thankful for everyone who kept us in their prayers and their thoughts. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much!

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