Infertility Medications

Remember all experiences are going to be different, so how I reacted may not be the same as you.


I personally despised this medication and I believe my husband would have to agree.

To keep this short and simple I did not have one cycle where my symptoms didn’t make me feel terrible. From the very beginning I had headaches that were absolutely horrendous, granted I do have migraines that I will get on occasions, that will make me sick to my stomach. So that could very well have been a factor as to why my headaches were as bad as they were. I also had hot flashes as if I was going through menopause! While this symptom was no fun it was actually one that was constantly making me laugh. I am the type of person who is freezing when it is only 75 degrees in our building, and everyone has made a comment about me wearing jackets on more than one occasion! So for me to go from being cold all the time to being cold then hot then cold, so on and so forth, it was rather entertaining. I think the worst symptom I had though was during my 3rd or 4th cycle. I got super depressed the week that I was taking the medication, everything made me cry, and I was a hot mess. I deal with anxiety on a regular basis so that could have also played a part with how I reacted that week, who knows.

Would I ever take Clomid again? Probably not, I didn’t respond to it in a way that would make it worth going through the symptoms again.


This shot hasn’t been bad at all. In fact it is one of the easier ones! 🙂 The only symptoms I had were a few hot flashes, random but terrible migraines, and then my acne became pretty bad. I looked like a 12 year old little girl going through puberty again! 😛 This shot is used to keep from ovulating, I used this at the same time as a birth control for a week and then I was only on this shot. I gave this particular one in my stomach and was completely ok giving myself the shot after the very first one. 🙂


I guess now is a a great time to update this, since I have been off the medication for a little over a week now. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this medication, it didn’t hurt and it was the easiest shot that I had given to me. I had the Follistim pen and I promise it is idiot proof! I can’t give too much on the side effects because I was on three different shots, I am not sure which side effect is attributed with which medication. The side effects I had were terrible headaches (thankfully they were not a constant thing), I had a few hot flashes, and my face broke out terribly, everyone noticed. 🙁 Other than that I think I got of relatively easy!


This shot and I have a love hate relationship!! I loved that it worked and did what it was supposed to, but I hated how bad this hurt! The first night my husband gave me the shot I was in tears. Although I think that was attributed to the fact that I had read up on the shot and was now terrified of it. Regardless, that shot hurts! We learned after that first night that icing my stomach made the shot easier and quicker to give. By the end of the week we had become pros had these shots!


I started this pill 4 days after my trigger shot, so I have been on it for a week at the point of this writing. So far it hasn’t been all that bad. I am doing the suppository form of this hormone, I am really glad I don’t have to do the shot for these! The only side effects I have because of these would be the nausea the first few days I took it and then now it is the sore breasts! Other than those two side effects it has been a pretty easy pill to be on.

Feel free to include how any fertility medications you had to take made you feel!

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