Blue or Pink??

So like I said last update I would make a post about what we are having!

Well here it is!!

Video was completed by my little sister who did a fabulous job! This is why she is a film major and makes videos like this on the side ūüôā If you need any videos done you can contact her here. ūüôā¬†This website has her reviews too, so you can see I’m not just a biased sister. ūüėõ

Song: Something Beautiful – Tim Halperin

Starting next week I will include weekly updates of the pregnancy in every post! If there is anything you would like to see please leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from everyone!

I hope everyone has a great and safe 4th of July!!

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Even our darkest days can present the biggest miracles!

I know it has been a long time since I have written anything on here. ūüôĀ We have had sooo much happen in the last 5 months! The last post I mentioned that we would be starting our second round of shots and adding in the IUI. If you haven’t read that post you can read that here. Let’s start with the beginning of that cycle,¬†shall we?

The beginning of February we started on the shots, if you remember we were only doing Follistim this cycle. After 10 days of the shots we went in for our appointment where we found out we had a few follicles that were ready for the trigger shot. That night, February 17th, we did the most lovely shot out of all of them…yea right. Two days later we went in for my IUI. I knew going in that the IUI was going to be uncomfortable but I didn’t think it would hurt nearly as bad or be as fast as it was. The day we did our IUI was a very significant day for my family.¬†February 19th is the anniversary of¬†my cousins passing. We didn’t realize it¬†at first that the day my IUI was on was this specific day. When we realized it we all started to think that this was all part of the plan. My families darkest day could very well become the day we were presented with an amazing miracle.¬†The next two weeks were going to drag by!

On Mar 2nd I went in for a blood test to find out if this cycle was a bust or not. After the cycle in December I was terrified and fully expecting to hear I wasn’t pregnant. Later that day I received the news from my nurse I never thought I was going to ever receive. This cycle worked and we were in fact pregnant!!


We decided we would limit who we would share our news with until the second trimester. That was a very hard secret to keep, especially when it is something you want to scream at the top of your lungs. Personally I was terrified of telling everyone and them being excited for us, only to have to share that something happened to our peanut. I don’t know that I could have handled seeing the disappointment on my friends and families faces. I finally hit the second trimester and the day we did we announced to our families and then on Facebook.


I am now 20 weeks pregnant and everything has been going perfectly! We even know what we are having, but that will be for next weeks blog post. Now that our pregnancy is known by everyone I will be trying to write a post and have it up for you guys every Sunday.

We are so excited for our baby and we are so thankful for everyone who kept us in their prayers and their thoughts. From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much!

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Where are we now?

First off I want to thank everyone who has continued to stop by my page for the last month, despite me not posting anything new since December 11th. The last month has been incredibly busy, with the holidays and then our fantastic vacation that we went on! Now school has started up so I will still be incredibly busy. My goal and new years resolution is to post once a week, lets see how it goes. Once I have my school schedule written down I will find a time once a week where I can post something.

With all of that being said I have a little bit to update on. For the last two months we have not done anything fertility wise. We decided we needed to take a break and with everything that was coming up there wasn’t a better time. Next month we will be back in the game and I believe stronger than before. This month we are changing the game a little bit. Unlike last month we will be doing an IUI. Our new insurance now covers six cycles, so we decided to take advantage of it, I mean who wouldn’t? We are also changing the medication protocol a little bit as well. Instead of doing two weeks of Lupron shots every morning before the stimulating shots my doctor is completely taking me off them. We also wont be doing the AWFUL Menopur shots this cycle either, which I am sooo happy about. I will be staying on the Follistim, but we will be doubling the dose from 75iu to 150iu. My doctor decided to take an approach this cycle that works with my body.

When the next cycle will start is completely up in the air right now. We have to wait for my period to show up before we can completely have a plan. Right now we are planning on my period showing up sometime next week. If that shows up next week I will be starting birth control and baby aspirin for a week and then coming off of it to start another period (joy). If everything goes like we hope then I will start stimulating shots on the 13th (right before Valentines day), with a possible trigger shot the 21/22 and then the IUI on 23/24.

So that is where we stand now, however everything could change in the next week.

I will have a post up in the next week or so about our vacation along with some pictures. If you are a Walking Dead fan or just curious what it would be like to be on a cruise based around the show make sure you check back next week!

Make sure to comment and subscribe! I love hearing from you guys!


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Christmas Miracle <3

For the last week I have been trying so hard to figure out what I would write for the next blog, without TTC I have lost quite a few topics to talk about. Last night while D and I were working out I got a phone call that made my night, if not more.

Before I go on I do have to say this is not baby related. It isn’t even¬†our Christmas Miracle, but one that we had a part in giving to someone else.

D and I live on a pretty busy street within our city, unfortunately it is also a street where you see a great deal of dogs roaming.¬† On 12/2/15 my husband and I were on our way to work just like every morning. However while waiting for the light to change I pointed out a dog that was walking down the street. Right then I knew that this was about to go horribly wrong for this dog, and I couldn’t watch. As I turned my head I heard this god awful thud, looked at my husband who then confirmed that the dog had just been hit. Without a second thought, or even making sure a car wasn’t coming up beside us, I opened my door and took off for the dog. When I got to him you could see the confusion in his face, and how terrified he was. I stood there petting him telling him everything would be ok as I waited for my husband to get to us. My husband picked up the dog as carefully as he possibly could and laid him in our car. Thankfully we had a blanket that we were able to wrap him up in.

We live in the middle of two vets, one of which we found out that morning does not open early or have an emergency tech. The other vet however had opened 15 minutes prior to the dog being hit, so we rushed him to that vet’s office. My husband carried him into the back and told the vet tech of the injuries he was able to feel so that they had a place to start. I was told that the Vet would be unable to call me to give me an update on the dog because it was someone’s pet, from there on out I had to pray that the owner called me.

About three hours later I received a call from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was the lady who owned the dog!! The minute she started talking we were both CRYING. I was happy to hear that he was alive although his prognosis wasn’t good. He had¬†suffered a broken leg, pelvis, and a concussion that caused his pupil to blow. I have never prayed as hard or thought that much about someone else’s pet as I had the next few days.

On Sunday we were talking about the dog and we wondered how he was doing. I had even expressed how I was going to call the lady in a few days to see what was going on and how he was doing.¬†However my¬†phone call was not needed, yesterday in the middle of¬†our workout I received a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was the dogs owner, with some amazing news! The dog survived, he went through multiple surgeries but he is doing amazing. She said he is back to his old chipper self and it seems as though he doesn’t realize he was ever even hit.

This may not be the Christmas Miracle D and I have been wanting all year but it is a Christmas Miracle I am glad happened.  I have never heard someone who was so thankful for some thing another person did for them as I did during both of the phone calls I received. It was her Christmas Miracle and I am so glad we got to par-take in giving her that, given the circumstances.


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Hold. On. Pain. Ends

“There are two types of pains, one that hurts you and the other that changes you.”

I love the title for this blog. I think it fits everything that is currently going on in our TTC journey. I have to remember to hold on because the pain will end. No matter how much I think it won’t, I have to know that it will.

Last week was the one week I had been dreading more than¬†anything during the last month or so. ¬†I went to my doctors office where they did a¬†blood test, only to find out what I knew all along…. The cycle didn’t work and I wasn’t pregnant! When we first found out I wont lie I cried, I cried before I was even off the phone with the nurse. I was hurt, although I wasn’t hopeful to begin with it didn’t lessen the pain that was there during that phone call.

Here we are a week and a half later and I am much better. Actually I am better than I have been in a few months! I am not sure what it was about this last cycle but I am OK with how things are going or not going I guess you could say. Right now we have a lot going on so for the next two months that our baby making plans are being put on the back burner. With  Christmas coming up and then New Years we decided that December would be the perfect time to take a little break. Also since we will be taking a much needed vacation from the real world in January we will not be doing a medicated cycle that month either.

As of right now we are thinking that come February we will be ready to jump into another cycle. When we choose to start the next cycle we will be nixing the Lupron in hopes that I will stimulate a little more and have a better chance then this last cycle. We also got some pretty great news! Our insurance will cover up to 6 cycles of IUI, where as our previous insurance wouldn’t cover it at all. So the next cycle we will be doing that procedure as well.

I am hoping that with school ending next week I will have more time to post new blogs. Since we wont be doing any medicated cycles I will have to find other things to write about, which for me should be easy but surprisingly it’s not. If anyone has any suggestions I am open to taking them!

I also want to thank those that have been reading this blog. I have had a few friends and family members who have mentioned something that they read in one of my posts. I appreciate it and I love when you mention something! It makes me very happy!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and blessed thanksgiving!


Make sure to follow me on twitter, Instagram @thislifeasweknowit0125, and on facebook.

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A quick update!

Nothing much has happened this last week. The only new thing is that¬†I was started on progesterone pills 4 days after the trigger shot. Basically if I were to get pregnant the progesterone would help support viable pregnancy if my body is unable to make enough progesterone on it’s own.

I am able to take a test at any time. We are debating if we want to test this week or if we will wait until after thanksgiving. I cant keep a secret to save my life! Especially one this big and one that everyone is so excited for! So basically we want to wait until after thanksgiving because if it is negative I don’t want to have to tell everyone on a holiday when we are all together. If it is positive I don’t want to know because I have a way I want to tell my family and if I know on thanksgiving when people are bound to ask, I’ll tell!

On another note, I am terrified for the end of the week. Everyone has been VERY involved in this cycle and I have loved every minute of. I love that my family and friends have been so supportive! At the same time that has made it extremely difficult because I don’t want to let anyone down.


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Already in my heart, someday in my arms! <3

It has been a very interesting and tiring week! I started taking the stimulating hormones Follistim and Menopur last Thursday. I talked more about that in the last post, if you missed it catch up here. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (the pages are linked here) you have seen some things that were going on this week. I tried not to get into too much detail until I could put up this blog post.

So here we are 10 days after my first stimulating shot and 2 days after my last. ūüôā As I had mentioned in the post last week my first¬†Menopur shot HURT. After that first night we decided I would numb my stomach before the shot, and boy does that make the world of a difference!! Nothing much happened Thursday-Sunday other than my ovaries starting to hurt. I went in for ultrasounds and blood work¬†3 times this past week, unfortunately I had to do two different appointments each day.

Baseline Estradiol was a 16 and the office did say that anything under 70 is what they like to see. So that was good news.

Monday: My E2 level was 102 and the endometrial lining was at a 7 which was good for the day that we were on. For my left ovary I had 4 follicles growing, there was 1.0 cm, 1.2 cm, .6c m and .6 cm. For the right we had three, there was 1.0 cm, 1.0 cm, and .8 cm. We were off to a decent start after 4 days of the hormones.

Wednesday: My E2 level was 215 and the endometrial lining was now a 9. This time on our left ovary we had 1.0 cm, 1.1 cm, and 1.0 cm. The right had 1.6 cm, and three that were under .7 cm. After this appointment I was very upset that I wasn’t responding like I would have hoped. I have tried this entire cycle to not let my hopes get up because I knew that if it ends and we aren’t pregnant it will be easier to deal with. After this appointment however I was extremely negative!

Friday: I am not sure what my E2 levels were because this day went much differently than the other two. I went in to my appointment at 7:30 am and as I was having my blood taken my doctor walked by, saw me and told the nurse to go ahead and get the room ready, they were going to do the scan right then! My endometrial lining was at an 11 and my doctor was very happy about that! My left ovary had a 1.6 cm, 1.7 cm, 1.7 cm and the right has 2.1 cm, 1.2 cm, and 4 that are less than a 1.0 cm. After that scan my doctor gave me the go ahead to trigger that night! I was soo happy for so many different reasons. 1. I was done with those gawsh aweful shots! 2. I had at least one follicle in each ovary which was one of the things I want to happen this cycle! 3. I had 4 follicles that would be mature and my doctor thinks will release eggs if they all contain them!

Friday night at about 8:15 we did the trigger shot. I have had a trigger shot done once before, but it was done by a nurse. I was nervous about this shot because it was the first shot my husband would be giving me that we needed to hit a muscle, D wasn’t nervous at all! The minute he stuck that shot in I was able to tell him that he did a perfect job, I felt that needle the minute he hit the muscle!

So here we are 1 day after the trigger shot! It was VERY weird to wake up and not have to give myself the shot I have been giving myself for the last 3 weeks. I also took a pregnancy test, you know I have to make sure the trigger shot worked right? ūüėõ So now we wait!

Please keep your fingers crossed, pray for us, keep us in your thoughts or whatever you believe in doing!

I don’t know much about what the numbers for the Estradiol test should look like, so if anyone has any insight on that feel free to comment or email me!

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And So The Adventure Begins


Since I last posted I had just started Lupron, here we are 2 weeks after the very first shot! On Wednesday I went in to see my RE. I had blood drawn to get my base levels for  my Estradiol, as well as get an ultrasound. During the ultrasound my doctor made sure that I had no cysts on my ovaries and made sure my lining was exactly as thin as it should be. Everything came back normal and I was given the go ahead to continue as planned.

¬†Today I started the shots that will stimulate my ovaries, Menopur and Follistim. After researching the drugs for HOURS the last few days, I had worked myself up a lot. I wasn’t worried to much for the Follistim, the Menopur however had me terrified. I couldn’t find one blog, article, or chat that had anything positive about this drug. Boy was everything I read right! Before I go any further I have to say I am not the type of person who is phased by shots, I don’t cry, I don’t freak out, and¬†in fact I enjoy them (except when I have to give it to myself for the first time). With that being said, the shot of Menopur hurt like a Bitch!! First you have the needle and that in itself hurts!! The gauge of that needle is much larger than the others I have done thus far and I was NOT ready for that at all. After the ultimate shock of the large ass needle, I now had another shock which was the solution. I am not sure what it was about this particular shot, I don’t know if the solution is thicker or what but, boy did that hurt when my husband injected it! As if I wasn’t already over the shots I have had to do for the last two weeks, I am really ready for these next few days to be over. I give it up to the women who¬†have to¬†do these shots longer than I do or the ones that have had to do¬†multiple rounds. These shots are no joke!

I have my next ultrasound and blood work on Monday where we will see what our next step is. I am PRAYING that on Monday I have multiple follicles that are of good size. If there are, we will be given the go ahead to trigger.

Tonight I mentioned how my husband had given me my shots. I have never been more thankful for him in the last year and a half of trying as I was tonight! He talked me through ¬†the entire shot and kept me relatively calm while he was injecting the medication. The fact that he kept me calm like he did is amazing, seeing as I was already worked up from what I read and the needle going in. ūüôā¬† I can honestly say I do not know what¬†I would do without my husband, he is my rock!

HEHE I just read my Husband what I wrote like I do every post. His response to my little paragraph about him was to quit being a brown-noser……UMM I actually meant what I wrote! DORK

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Body Shots…..A whole new meaning

This whole posting something new every Sunday is HARD. ūüôā It isn’t that I have nothing to say, I just cant find the time to sit down and write! D is taking a test right now so I figured since I cant turn on anything that may distract him¬†I need to take the time to write this update! So on the previous update I talked about where we are at the moment and what November has in store for us. If you haven’t read that update you can check it out HERE.

Our next step came much quicker then I had anticipated, on Friday I started giving myself a shot called Lupron. This shot overstimulates certain hormones within my body resulting in others shutting down. Lupron acts much like birth control does, it keeps my body from creating an egg and then ovulating.

I am not going to lie, the week before I started my shots I was freaking out. I tend to work myself up¬†and make things seem as though they are going to¬†be worse then they are. That was exactly¬†what I did¬†before I¬†gave myself the first shot. After that first one I was quite shocked! It¬†didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, which was an incredibly nice surprise,¬†to say the least! I will continue this shot until ¬†October 29th, where I will then add in the stimulating hormones. From October 29th until¬†at least November 2nd I will continue these shots. November 3rd is when we will find out if I continue the shots for a little longer or if I am ready to give myself the HCG or trigger shot. However, in order to¬†do the trigger shot I need a few eggs that are of a good size and¬†nicely matured. If they aren’t¬†then I have¬†to do the shots a little longer, otherwise I wont have a viable¬†egg to get pregnant with. ¬†Once we get the go ahead D will give me the trigger shot, after that is done I will ovulate within 24-36 hours, giving us enough planning time.

I am really asking for any prayers I can get and for you to keep us in your thoughts. It is constantly in the back of my mind that this isn’t going to work, and that absolutely terrifies me. I mean how can it not when you¬†have been¬†constantly let down month after month for the last year and half.

I will be trying my hardest to write another post this Sunday. October has been an extremely busy, but exciting month for us.


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Even miracles take a little time <3

Not much has happened in the last two weeks since the last update. Other than the fact that we did decide what our next step is going to be. ūüôā

For the month of October we wont be trying at all. Instead my doctor has me on birth control to help my ovaries rest, they have a big job to do in November! At our very first appointment our doctor had told us that I would no longer be on Clomid, he disliked that medication. For that reason, if we chose to move along with the next step, I would be put on injectables. After a long talk with my husband, one that is quite honestly an every day thing STILL, we determined we did in fact want to move on to the next step for us.

I don’t have much information as of right about what the cycle in November will encompass. Hopefully, we will be getting an email from the nurse here very soon with more information!

This really wasn’t an informative post, but I did want to jot down where we currently are. My goal from here on out is to publish at least one blog post every Sunday, any more than that is a plus!


Who would have thought Cinderella would be where I would find a quote that fits PERFECTLY!

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I’m slacking…’s a little update

Oh man I am doing a terrible job with posting on my blog. In my defense school recently started up and I had this bright idea to take a class that was only four weeks long, but extremely fast paced! That class ended last week and I started to write this blog, unfortunately I never finished it before I went on a business trip. ūüôā So here I am a little over a week after I started this blog post, with the determination to¬†finish this tonight!

I will link descriptions to everything if you would like to look more into how a certain hormone plays a role in the fertility journey.

So here we are a month and twenty days since my last update on our TTC journey. I had test after test done this past month, it felt as though the constant blood bath (drawing blood) would never end! After all was said and (finally) done, on Monday 9/14 we had some good information but absolutely no answers as to why I could not get pregnant.

On August 3rd I had 11 test ran and on August 25th I had 3, equaling a great deal of blood leaving my body! We took a look at the following:

Luteinizing Hormone – Normal

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) – Normal

Prolactin – Normal

DHEA Sulfate – Normal

Testosterone Free – Normal

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) – Normal

Anti-Mullerian Hormone – High (I will talk more about this one later!)

Estradiol – Normal

Follicle Stim Hormone (FSH) РNormal

Androstenedione – Normal

Protein C Activity – Normal

Protein S Activity – Normal

Two of the tests we did were to make sure that the hormones that could cause a blood clot were normal. We wanted to be sure that blood clots were not something we had to be worried about since it is something that terrifies me, thankfully it is not.

On September 1st I had my HSG completed. This procedure was painful to be completely honest, but for me what made it worse, was the fact that I couldn’t move. The only time I was allowed to move was when they needed to get a picture from a different angle, otherwise I had to stay perfectly still. ūüôĀ This test also came back normal. YAY

D had it easy when it came to the tests he had to have done! His semen analysis came back excellent, which was a huge¬†relief knowing¬†that we didn’t have two infertility issues playing against us.

I mentioned how I would be talking more about the Anti-Mullerian Hormone, here it is!¬†My numbers for this particular hormone were relatively high,¬†this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the high numbers are a result of the Polycystic ovaries. . With these numbers being high like they are¬†I have PLENTY of eggs in my reserve so I don’t have to worry about not having any left any time soon. With these numbers being high the doctors did say they were worried about me responding VERY well to the injectables. If we choose to go with IUI and I respond too well there is a chance I will have to cancel that procedure and I am not ready to lose out on that kind of money just yet, so one of the nurses thinks that my best bet would be IVF because they can control every little thing. Although this could become a big issue I am not ready to jump to the most expensive and last resort procedure just yet. I think I will be giving the doctor a call tomorrow to see if we can do a round of injectables without the IUI or IVF.

So where do we go from here? Honestly we’re not sure yet. I think we will be¬†making our decision after I speak with our doctor about the fertility medication and starting Provera.¬†I am on cycle day 36¬†and AF is nowhere in sight with negative pregnancy tests. I will hopefully have another update at the end of the week with what we choose to do. ūüôā


 Just a little bit of humor!

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It’s not you, it’s me..

Today I read an article that hits so far home it is crazy! The¬†article is called “Being Odd Woman Out: The Curse of Infertility.” Being someone who has gone through infertility for the last year and half, I have had some major up’s and downs. It seems as though everyone around me is having a baby or has had a baby. At first it didn’t¬†bug me too much, I was sooo happy for that person, after a while¬†it really starts to add to the hurt and anger I have with my body.

Although my friends are NOT the ones excluding me from their lives by any means, I have started to exclude myself. I love my friend’s children, but seeing my friends being parents is hard because I don’t have that and¬†I have NO clue when I ever will. I am not writing this for a pity party because I do not want or need that! I want people to understand when I don’t do things you may invite me to.

If I don’t go to your baby shower, chances are it isn’t because I don’t want to be around you or don’t care enough to go. I can’t handle it! The last baby shower I went to was the hardest day I have had during this so far. Trying to pretend you’re happy and fighting back the tears is HARD. I don’t want to be that Debbie downer and I don’t want others to know that I am having a hard time with this particular situation. I know how happy you are and this day needs to be filled with happiness, so please don’t get offended when I don’t come to the baby shower.

When I avoid conversations like how breast feeding hurts, how you’re tired because you were up with the baby at 2 in morning, or anything like that, it isn’t because I don’t care. It is because I want that and would give the world to be in your shoes. I long for the night where I don’t get any sleep because my baby kept me up or how my baby threw up on me after a feeding. So please understand that I care, I just can’t talk about those things at the moment.

No one needs to walk on eggshells or even¬†avoid¬†the conversations about this topic all together, but if I start to divert the conversation you now know why. I will¬†let you¬†know if I¬†don’t want to talk about¬†certain things.¬†If I choose not to come to your baby shower you know it isn’t anything personal with you, it is the simple fact of me not wanting to ruin your day.


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I have a REALLY good feeling!

So like I said last post I had a consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist on 8/12. My husband and I got a very good feeling about this doctor. When we walked into his office before anything was said he gave us his cellphone number. He told us that if we had ANY questions to please feel free to call him. How many doctors have you been to and they give you their personal phone number?

We talked about what he wanted us to do. We will be doing the semen analysis for D. Along with TONS of diagnostics tests for myself. Yay for blood draws, good thing I enjoy needles, yes I am weird. ūüôā We will also be doing an HSG to make sure my tubes aren’t blocked or anything wrong with my uterus. HSG or Hysterosalpingogram is an X-ray test that looks inside at a woman’s reproductive system. They insert a dye with a catheter through the cervix and into the uterus. With this dye they can see if the fluid passes¬†through the tubes fine or if something blocks it. They can¬†also see if there is any scar tissue or any other issues.¬†(Sounds amazing right?) OHHH and I get to the lovely 3 hour glucose test that most women don’t even have to do until they are 24 to 28 weeks pregnant. ūüėÄ

All in all the consultation went really good. He was very honest with us, answered all of our questions and even got personal with us. Their facebook is always saying how their patients aren’t a number and I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t feel like we were just another patient they were trying to get money from. I felt like the doctors here actually care about those who walk through those doors.

He even told D (because he is getting a degree in nursing) if he had any questions to use the number he gave us and call him. He would love to help D figure out what field he wants to be in and help answer his questions. ūüôā

As of today we are waiting to hear the results of D’s semen analysis although that was only done yesterday, so we have a while until we hear something. We are also waiting to hear back on the blood results from my first set of blood work and D’s only set. I am excited to get some kind of information back. Whether they tell us everything is great or not, it will be nice to know more about what is going on than we already do. ūüôā



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What’s next?

¬†So that last week has been an interesting one to say the least. After being late for AF we started to get excited that maybe this had been our month. No such luck. ūüôĀ Since I started taking Maca Root and Vitex my Luteal Phase lengthened which caused me to be “late”. While it sucks that we didn’t get pregnant this cycle it is an amazing feeling that my body is starting to do what it needs to and actually a little better than it was when I was on Clomid.¬†Before, my¬†Luteal Phase was just barely long enough¬†to allow me to¬†sustain a pregnancy(10-11 days), now that hopefully wont be another problem I have to add to my list. ūüôā

We scheduled an appointment on Wednesday to go see a fertility specialist. I wanted to have more tests done that my OBGYN never did. Such as testing to make sure I am not insulin resistant which is common in 50-70% of women who have PCOS. I also wanted to have my husband to get tested just to make sure that I was the only reason we have yet to get pregnant. I think the only other appointment I have been this excited about was when I had my first ultrasound to check my follicles and make sure I was ovulating. The receptionist I spoke with was extremely nice, the nurse I had to talk to was such a sweetheart and everything I read about when it comes to this facility is amazing!

So on Wednesday we have our consultation to get an idea what exactly we need to do. What tests need to be done and when we can start that! Hopefully we can get started with everything ASAP!

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Letting people see the real me

For the last month and half I have been debating if I wanted to show my family and friends the blog and social media sites that follow our fertility journey. It was much easier only allowing people I didn’t really know to¬†see the stuff we went through. It was easier not worrying about what my friends and family would think of me and what I had to say. I had to remind myself that I didn’t create this¬†blog only to help other women know that they weren’t alone in the infertility journey. I wrote this blog to let my family and friends see what was really going on when it came to us wanting to start our family.¬†I want to¬†allow them to see the things I didn’t want to blast all over my facebook page to people who didn’t need to know or didn’t care to know.

So here we are. I have invited the people I think want to know what is going on or those who have asked questions. This way I don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. Welcome to all my friends and family!!! Here’s the real me. ūüôā


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TTC Psychic Reading

After reading a question on Baby center about a psychic reading someone did, I decided I wanted to try it. Why not, it was a fun thing to do and actually makes the TTC aspect even more fun. Is she going to be right or will she be wrong, only¬†the next few months will tell. ūüôā

So the way this particular reading worked was I started off by¬†paying for¬†the reading (only $6.00, I’ll take it. ) Then you get an email from her asking for your name, date of birth, and if you have had any previous births or losses. She also asks that you send her a picture of you and your significant other. In this email she gives you the date of your reading, mine happened to be June 23rd.

Rather than posting the entire email (4 nice paragraphs) I am going to summarize it.  She starts off explaining who she is and how she works in the first paragraph.

The next paragraph was about my aura, which is mainly brown. People who have brown are usually generous, down to earth, calm, organized and inquisitive. It symbolizes kindness and a gentle heart. You like to explore new concepts, ideas and enjoy being in nature or out doors. I like to think I have all of these traits, minus the organized trait. I am not as organized as I should be, especially being Virgo lol. I am definitely the type of girl who loves to be outdoors. I would rather go fishing, camping, or ride my dirt bike any day of the week over sitting at home watching T.V.

The third paragraph is the one that is about the TTC journey and what she sees. On mine she was being shown the month of July as being significant. This can indicate the cycle of conception, when you find out, or the birth timing. Which all three of these could be true. I could conceive in July and¬†could actually find out the same month. It could also be a birth month which would put me at conceiving¬†in October I believe. Next she see’s the number 6 which can be when I will ovulate, find out I am pregnant or it can be the number of cycles before I would get pregnant. Out of these three the only one that could be remotely possible for this month would be the first option. The second option would be possible if I conceive in October. However the third option can’t be true unless she is saying from the time I had my reading, seeing as I am already on my 13th cycle of TTC.¬† Lastly and quite honestly my favorite part is that she sees a baby wrapped in blue. I don’t think it is the gender so much that I am excited about, just the fact of her seeing a gender (boy or girl)

The last paragraph she gives you the ending and a little information if you would like another reading. ūüôā She also states in her third paragraph that what she sees can be altered by loss, this is something she can’t see, unfortunately.¬† I will be sure to give an update as soon as I can. ūüôā

Do I believe in this? I am not sure. I am not a skeptical when it comes to things like this. However it is always in the back of my mind questioning if this person is the real deal or not. ūüôā

If you would like to have your own reading done I will include the link of the person I used.

Eternity Tarot Readings

Do you believe in things like this?

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Taking a much needed break :D

¬†Well, the 4th round of Clomid failed us. I wasn’t hoping for too much seeing as how we have had three other failed attempts and this one wasn’t feeling any different. My husband and I decided that it is time for a break….well I decided. I want to focus on me and getting my PCOS under control which is honestly where I should have started when I found out I had PCOS September of last year. I am going to be trying a more natural way of promoting ovulation as well as helping with the side effects I have because of PCOS (acne, anxiety, the un ability to lose more weight, etc). I start taking Vitex and Maca Root this cycle to see how that works with my body. ūüôā

This has been the longest and one of the most trying years we have been through. As weird as it sounds¬†I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world. My husband and I have become much closer, I talk to him more and he listens much better (especially for a man ūüėõ ) I think now it is time to work on myself,¬†like I said before, and on our relationship. The both of us are only 23 so time is on our side. Until then we have started making plans to go on vacations and do some of the actives we enjoy doing, like camping, dirt bike riding, shooting, Disney Land, etc.

The two of us want to be parents so bad that we were trying very hard to achieve that. That want hasn’t changed at all, but it isn’t going to be our main focus for now. If it happens it happens. ūüėÄ

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Really? You can’t make dinner?

So today my husband and I came home after work, the first thing we talked about is who is making dinner tonight. This is a constant battle between the two of us and some times the arguments get rather hilarious. Tonight was one of those nights. ūüėÄ

I asked D (my husband) what he was going to BBQ for dinner, the look on his face was priceless. He started saying how he wasn’t going to make anything because the BBQ was for the weekend. I then asked him what he would be making for dinner then since I made dinner last night. Thats when he became a pain in my ass lol. He pulled out a frozen dinner(we eat those when we are REALLY lazy) and said that this was what he would be making. You have got to be kidding me! Such a lazy ass and always taking the easy way out. He hands me the frozen dinner and tells me I better heat the oven unless I want this dinner to be the one dinner he does make this week. What kind of BS is that? lol

My dork of a husband then proceeds to walk over to the oven and turns it on. While having his hands over the oven (like he is some magical being) he tells me how I need to shush that what he was doing takes a lot of work and concentration. Where the heck does he come up with things like this? I swear he is a fricken nut ball!

As I read him this post he tells me he doesn’t want to be called D, instead he wants to be called Captain America. I have no excuses for this man……


There is NEVER a dull moment with my husband, to say the least.

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4th time is a charm right?

Just as the title says I started my fourth round of Clomid May 22nd. We were originally going to do the trigger shot and an IUI this cycle but decided at the last minute we weren’t ready to take that route. So here we are now and I just started my dreaded two week wait today. BLAH ūüôā

I am trying to stay very positive and hopeful this round. Although I did ovulate on the 50mg of Clomid the past 3 rounds I am hoping that this new dose of 100mg will be just enough to give me the boost I need to get pregnant.

I have to say the hardest thing about all of this wouldn’t be the fact of constantly being let down at the site of the that¬†horrible AF. While that is a terrible feeling, I personally think the feeling of letting my husband down is an even worse feeling. He has been so involved in all of this (not just in the bedroom lol) from making sure I was ok, to staying informed on how my appointments go. He has been amazing during this past year of TTC,¬† I don’t think I would have been ok without him.

What is the hardest thing about TTC for you and your significant other?

Make sure you subscribe so you can stay up to date!

Please get involved I would love to have others inputs and comments added on to my blog. ūüôā




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Worst things to say to someone TTC!

How many of us have had things said to us while we were trying to conceive that made you think “why the heck would you say that to me?” I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I have had someone say something and I just want to smack them lol.

“If you stop trying it will happen”

NO, no! There is a lot more to it than just that. For you not trying may have resulted in pregnancy, but for me there is a lot more that I have to do in order to conceive.

“I don’t know why it is so hard for you. I just have sex and get pregnant.”

Really! Was that meant to make me feel better? Cause it didn’t. Thank you for pointing out how my body fails at one of the things it is meant to do, I appreciate that.

When are you going to have a baby?”¬†

Whenever my body decides it wants me to? How do you even respond to that without losing your mind. ūüôā

“You have plenty of time”¬†

Yes you are right I do have plenty of time. I am only 23 years old. Regardless I don’t want to wait. I want to start my family now with my husband.

These are just the few that people have said. I am sure I will add more as the come to mind hehe.

What are some comments people have made towards you and trying to conceive? Send me an email ¬†or leave a comment below I would love to hear what you have to say. I may add a few responses to a post. ūüôā

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